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Re: IPv6 (was: Oh yeah, I'm famous)

Charles Menzes said:
> how will vlan support help this out? -cjm

You'll probably want to look at those sites I mentioned for more
information, but basically you can assign a VLAN tag to all traffic
(for example) on a given interface, then route based on that tag.

Of course, sooner or later you're going to have to do some NAT or
something in order to have traffic from the two networks mix, but
that's fairly easy...

Honestly though, I kind of meant that comment as a joke...  VLAN tags
strike me as just another layer of cruft that keeps IPv4 viable.  Just
like NAT, it can be useful though.  What it's really good for is the
case where you have two separate networks with overlapping address
space passing through one device.  In other words, something like
           \             /
----------  router/switch  -------- physical separation
           /             \     

Don't take my word for it though...  I have to admit not completely
understanding the whole concept...  :-)

Seriously, if I were going to deal with that problem (two LANs with
the same address space), I'd use two boxes and NAT between them.  So
it would look something like this: -> NAT <-> NAT <-

If that makes any kind of sense...  :-)

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