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Re: override write protection?

On Sat, Aug 12, 2000 at 11:12:37AM -0500, Charles Menzes wrote:
> okay, here is my issue, i have some users on a machine that will need only
> specific privs. i have them set up as:
> shell /bin/rbash
> dir   /home/guests/~user
> path  /usr/local/guests/bin
> i would like to make sure that they are unable to edit their .bash_profile
> so that they can alter their path.
> dir perms	700 owned by user
> .bash_properms	640 owned by root group is user's group
> in order for them to not write to their profile, do i need a
> 2700 on their directory
> or
> 4700 on their dir?


Assuming user "foo"...

shell:        /bin/rbash
homedir:      /home/guests/foo
writable dir: /home/guests/foo/data

Ownership of ~foo: user root (or whatever), group foo.
Permissions of ~foo: 0750.

Ownership of ~foo/data: user foo, group foo.
Permissions of ~foo/data: 6770 or 6700.

Ownership of ~foo/.bash_profile: user root, group foo.
Permissions of ~foo/.bash_profile: 0640.

(Also protect .profile, .cshrc, .bashrc, etc. the same way as

You realize, of course, that securing shell access to the box is
almost futile.  But, this is better.
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