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Re: tape backup HOWTO?

On Wed, Sep 13, 2000 at 05:25:19PM -0500, Charles Menzes wrote:
> is there a howto available for ide tape backup? i don't find one on
> linuxdoc.org

I have a 8GB Travan IDE tape drive.  It works fine using /dev/ht0 and
/dev/nht0.  (Actually, recently I've had to use it on /dev/st0 and
/dev/nst0 only because I don't have IDE-SCSI emulation configured
quite correctly for my CD burner.  But back when it was configured
right, those device worked.)

You need IDE device support and IDE tape device support, if you're
compiling your own kernel.  Most stock kernels ship kernels with this
either compiled in or as a module.

Some distros don't create the device files by default; if yours
doesn't, run "/dev/MAKEDEV ide" and you should be set.

After that, the IDE tape drive works just like any other tape drive,
and you can use whatever backup software (tar, cpio, afio, Amanda,
BRU, whatever).

> also, is there an easy method for finding out what is attached to
> /dev/hdd/ /dev/hdc other than opening the box? i am suspecting that an HP
> tape drive is attached to one of these points, but i am getting no
> response.

It's in the kernel boot messages and in /proc/ide.
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