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Re: rio500 support in kernel

I tried 2.3.4 because the author of the rio500 utilities mentioned that he
had success under this kernel.


On Fri, 1 Dec 2000, Steven Pritchard wrote:

> C Menzes said:
> > I am using kernel 2.2.16 and I find an option to compile support for
> > rio500. However, when I download source for 2.3.4, and compile, I don't
> > see anything about rio500. Is there a patch required?
> Why would you try to compile 2.3.4?  That's a 1.5 year old kernel.
> The latest kernel is 2.4.0-test11.
> For that matter, the latest 2.2.x kernel is 2.2.17, and 2.2.18 should
> be out RSN.
> Steve

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