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Holiday Party Update

Okay guys, I'm up to 13 (15 counting Steven and I) confirmed to attend.
Over 1/2 of those are people from Chicago, Springfield, Mt Vernon, and
other non-local places ;P

Our friend from Chicago has volunteered to bring burgers and brats and to
stand outside in the blizzard (if we have one) to grill out. Anyone
volunteer to bring buns?

Below is the current guest list and food list. Please email me with your
confirmation and what you'll bring.

Reindl Family (3) (assumed)	?
Rich Nuttle (1)			?
Mike Connor (1)			burgers & brats
Koree Smith (1)			?
Laszlo Acs (2)			?
Tighe Emry (2)			chicken/lasagna	Guinness
Randy Flood (1)					Soda Pop Collection
Tony Zafiropolous (2+)		?

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