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Re: Holiday Party Update #2

Ok, here's the current information. This party is scheduled for THIS
Saturday. Out of towners, you're welcome to come any time during the day,
to prevent night-time driving, but the party should start coming together
around 6pm, plan to eat around 6:30, or whenever all the food has shown up

Currently we have 20 attending (counting me and Steven). It's "supposed"
to be in the upper 40s again by Saturday, but with a chance of rain, so
weather shouldn't be horrific.

Please let me know if you think you'll attend. I want to make sure I have
enough plates, flatware, and accompanying dishes.

 Email me if you need directions.

 Reindl Family (3) (assumed)	?
 Rich Nuttle (1)		?
 Mike Connor (1)		burgers & brats
 Koree Smith (1)		?
 Laszlo Acs (2)			buns, chips	Sam Adams
 Tighe Emry (2, but late)			Guinness
 Randy Flood (1)				Soda Pop Collection
 Tony Zafiropolous (2+)		Greek Dolmathes
 Harry Treece (1)		chips, salsa	wine
 Nathan Yawn (1)		side dishes
 Ron Steward (1)		platter or cake
 Matthew Porter (2)		?

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