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Re: Holiday Party Update #3

Here's the updated list. We're up to 24 (counting me and Steven). Don't
fret, we have plenty of room ;) We could probably use another main-dish or
casserole type dish, also a dessert would probably be good. I'll make up
a veggie tray (or pick one up). I'll also make up some of my homemade
chicken & noodles, simply because that just sounds really good right now
;) I'll get plates, cups and silverware if noone else brings them too.

As for parking, we are on a cul-de-sac next to an empty lot, so we can
park around the cul-de-sac and up the right side (facing the house) of the
road without blocking anyone's house or drive ;)

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.

>  Reindl Family (3) (assumed)	?
>  Rich Nuttle (1)		?
>  Mike Connor (1)		burgers & brats
>  Koree Smith (1)		main dish	mixed drinks
>  Laszlo Acs (2)		chips		Sam Adams
>  Tighe Emry (2, but late)			Guinness
>  Randy Flood (1)				Soda Pop Collection
>  Tony Zafiropolous (2+)	Greek Dolmathes
>  Harry Treece (1)		chips, salsa	wine
>  Nathan Yawn (1)		side dishes
>  Ron Steward (1)		platter or cake
>  Matthew Porter (2)		?
   George Williams (2)		buns
   Tesla Coil (1)		pie(s)
   Bob Castleberry (1)		?

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