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Re: Did everyone see this?

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Sent: Friday, December 22, 2000 9:16 AM
Subject: Re: Did everyone see this?

> > One interesting point made by a slashdot poster was that the teacher
> > /not/ have gotten off by saying 'it was a joke'.
> Further, why did the pig teacher turn in the student in the first place?

Based on their response, we can go to a mental institution and
get a few guys to rob a bank, and we would be blameless if
it all went bad..

15 year old boys are not allowed to vote, buy alchahol and tobacco.
This is because they are NOT CAPABLE of making decisions as to
what is in their best interest - The law recognizes this. So why is the
child responsible for compromising a system when it was not his OWN
idea? The idea of doing this was GIVEN to him by his instructor, the same
person that he was told to respect and do whatever he was told. This is
akin to saying that when a commanding officer orders a subordinate to
commit a criminal act, that the commanding officer was not to blame when
the subordinate did as instructed.. I think it is a waste of tax dollars to
action against the kid... But better to redirect his abilities (he obviously
has them).;

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