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Re: Lilo problem


I was waiting for some one with far more 'savy' than I to answer this for
you, but then decided to go ahead and jump in and try.

The following is from Redhat's support site (


5.3 What to do when you get 'LI' on boot


When my machine boots, all it says is 'LI' and then it freezes. What is the


This means that LILO (the Linux bootloader) is having problems bootstrapping
itself to the system. There are a couple of things that may be causing this.
You may
have installed LILO above the 1024th cylinder. The kernel needs to reside
entirely below the 1023rd cylinder on the drive. If this is the case, you
need to create a
/boot partition that resides in these limits and reinstall LILO. You may
also need to go into your system's BIOS and make certain that LBA mode is
enabled. If
LBA was off, you will need to repartition and reinstall.

End Snip -------------------------------------------------------------

And to go just a bit deeper, the LILO program displays a single letter of
its' name (as it is loading) after it successfully completes each step. So,
if it only displays a portion of that name, as it did in your case, it ran
into a problem.

I have seen several tables in different books listing the error codes and
their meanings.
See "RedHat Linux Unleashed - 3rd edt. page 44" for a short version of this

Hope this helps a bit.

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> I installed Linux and when I boot the computer Lilo
> only gets to LI and then stops. whats goin on?
> Travis
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