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FWD: [ruby-talk:14739] Re: Database abstraction and GUI IDE's

FYI see Python and Ruby.            ERA

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From: Shawn Gordon <shawn@thekompany.com>
Reply-To: ruby-talk@ruby-lang.org
Date: Sun, 6 May 2001 22:47:32 +0900

I wanted to fix one point that I made.  The free editor we will be making 
available, *will* also be available on Windows.

At 09:08 AM 5/4/2001, you wrote:
>This is a bit of an introduction, and some possible promotion.  My company 
>recently started to get involved with Ruby and I would like to give you 
>all a heads up of what is coming in the next few weeks.  I apologize in 
>advance if this isn't appropriate for this list, but this seemed the most 
>focused place to get the information available.
>1.  We will be releasing a free editor for Ruby that makes use of the Qt 
>(www.trolltech.com) toolkit for the window manager, and our port of 
>Scintilla for syntax highlighting.  This is meant to be useful and a taste 
>of our commercial product BlackAdder.  Because of the Qt license 
>restrictions we can only make the free editor available on Linux.
>2.  Ruby version of BlackAdder 
>(www.thekompany.com/products/blackadder).  BlackAdder is a GUI IDE for 
>Python that works on Windows and Linux.  We have just added support for 
>Ruby and are testing it internally now.  BlackAdder uses Qt to be 
>multi-platform and a separate Python specific ODBC connectivity library.
>Now I think what is especially interesting is that version 3 of Qt will 
>first support the Mac (this is in beta now) and also contains an 
>abstracted data access layer called Qdb.  BlackAdder will also support 
>these as soon as they are available, all in the same package.
>BlackAdder is still in beta, but is nearing release.  We have been selling 
>it at a discounted price during the beta period for as low as $49.99.  We 
>are going to be integrating the fine book on Ruby written by Dave Thomas 
>and Andrew Hunt in the online help system.
>So essentially in one box you will have Ruby, Python with support for 
>Linux and Windows and soon the Mac as well as the database connectivity 
>for Ruby.  It will take us a bit longer to get the debugger support for 
>Ruby built, but it will be coming.
>We are looking forward to the input and feedback from the Ruby community 
>to fine tune BlackAdder once it becomes available.
>Warm Regards,
>Shawn Gordon


Shawn Gordon

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