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Re: FWD: Security alert: Have you upgraded BIND?

Hi Jordan,

On Sunday, May 06, 2001, 11:48 AM, you rearranged your electrons about ": Security alert: Have you upgraded BIND?":

>> Well, since adding Debian to my other distros, I am finding out that a
>> simple apt-get install update, takes care of everything on my system in one
>> shot, including installing kernels.  One command, and you system is totally
>> updated with all fixes. It really puts rpm back in the amateur ranks <g>  I
>> could get used to this real easily. 

J> Yeah, isn't it great? Also, if you're using Potato, you can put 
J> security.debian.org in your /etc/apt/sources.list, comment out everything
J> else, then run apt-get update && apt-get upgrade. 

Thanks for the tip. I "purchased" the Progeny Debian distro, as I needed
the manual for the differences of Debian versus all the rest. I now have
Mandrake, SuSE, and Progeny all installed, working off of GRUB. oh, yes,
windows too, but never use it. Progeny is absolutely outstanding. It has
potato, plus some from Woody, and a great new GUI installer. They seem
to keep extremely current on updates, etc. Of course, the sources.list
has the regular Debian.org there too, commented out, as they are totally
interchangeable. I woke up this morning to find many, many updates, plus
a new secure 2.2.19 kernel installed. I have not loaded/installed the
2.4 rc3 kernel. Debian seems more "pure linux" then most. I find I have
to do more configuring of certain things, although Progeny really does
it all, great new installer, but I mean things I really like to hand
config, and I like getting hands on... like postfix, my bashrc,
procmail, mutt, etc, It gives me a chance to use more and different
commands, that I have not used in some distros.

J> That will install all security updates (and /only/ security updates) 
J> automagically. This is the easiest way I have ever seen to stay abreast of
J> security issues.

It is amazing... what a pleasure.

Best regards,

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