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down in the dumps

I just switched to ufsdump from tar backups [Solaris
7, Sparc].  For some reason when tar would hit the
/dev directory it would freak out on the /dev/fd0
device and just start looping and spewing errors.  So,
I made an include file (because exclude wouldn't work
on this [weird] Solaris box) and it was "ok", but i
felt like the backups could be better.  Ufsdump works
fine, AFAIK.  I'd like to see what's on the tape,
though.  I can't find the equiv "tar -tvf" for
ufsdump.  The ufsrestore has a -t that sounds like it
might be what I'm lookinbg for.  I just don't want to
accidentally restore.  Has anyone tried this?

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