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Re: public html

Robert Threet said:
> I have a AIX box running Apache that allows users a
> public_html directory.  We don't allow ftp outside of
> the local network.  It's kind of a pain for the users,
> most of whom are not all that PC literate.

There's always samba...  (If the point is to get access from outside
the network, that probably wouldn't be all that wise though.)

> SCP is not
> really an option (although we have a site license) dur
> to the skill level.

You actually paid for ssh?  Perhaps you weren't aware of this:


> My question:  Is there a place to get a web interface
> for allowing users to create web pages.  Places like
> http://www.homestead.com make our alternative look
> absolutely sick.  Not just the web interface, but the
> variety of drop and drag widgets, etc..., make it very productive.

Uh...  You could always install mod_dav and let them use PageMill or
FrontPage or whatever.

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