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Re: [thelema@mh246001.truman.edu: Re: [sauer@cloudmaster.com: PAM/samba]]

Danny Sauer said:
> [... turn off enrypted passwds ...]
> Oh, yeah, that makes sense.  Duh.  Thanks.  We use POP3 mail anyway,
> so encrypting the windows logon passwords isn't much of an issue
> when any idiot could just watch for that traffic...

Even ignoring the security implications, it's a real pain to have to
touch every box to allow unencrypted passwords.  There are some
scripts included with samba that will apparently keep your system and
samba passwords synced up.

> --Danny, who'll switch to spop someday

As a side note, one of the things I *really* like in RH 7.x is that
POP-3, IMAP, etc. over SSL is *extremely* easy to set up.

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