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Re: [thelema@mh246001.truman.edu: Re: [sauer@cloudmaster.com: PAM/samba]]

> The two above commands tell it to use normal unix authentication, which
> for newer linux boxes will go through PAM.  If you need help setting up
> PAM to do the authentication an interesting way, there's some decent
> manuals online, but it doesn't sound like you want anything fancy.
> Also, you should be aware that turning off the "encrypt passwords" isn't
> even 50% security kosher.  Encrypted passwords are good.

He fails to mention that no recent version of Windows will work with
samba when you turn off encrypted password support.  Everything since
Windows 95+ (might have been OSR1 or OSR2) and NT 4 SP2 or 3 requires
a registry change.

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