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Re: [thelema@mh246001.truman.edu: Re: [sauer@cloudmaster.com: PAM/samba]]

Danny Sauer said:
> Grr.  Why can't things just be easy once in a while? (and yeah, it's
> OSR2+ that come encrypted by default)

Actually, there's more to it than that.  All recent (post- and maybe
even pre-WfW) versions of Windows use a fairly secure (for Microsoft)
authentication scheme.  In the interest of backwards-compatibility
(with old versions of LanMan), they would also send the plaintext
password.  (Actually, if I'm remembering correctly, they'd send three
things: the current sort-of secure thing, the LanMan hash, and
plaintext.  I *think* you had to actually ask for the plaintext, but
you'd get the other two regardless.)

> Is it just using sslwrap, or some other, even easier thing?

/usr/sbin/imapd is actually linked against libssl, libcrypto, etc.

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