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Re: ok, how about your favorite spam filter?

Danny Sauer said:
> On Tue, May 29, 2001 at 07:29:03AM -0700, Robert Threet wrote:
> > What's everybody using for spam?  I was looking at the
> > 
> > solution in the Sendmail book - yuk.  How much
> > overhead does that add?

I guess I'm not familiar with the solution in the Sendmail book.  It
does help to at least have sendmail use RBL though...  I also add a
lot of the more annoying spammers to /etc/mail/access...

> I'm in favor of Charles' solution as well

Yes, procmail is your friend.

    osiris:~$ wc -l .procmailrc
       1243 .procmailrc

Of course, that doesn't help when you have multiple users...

> Also, I've found that rejecting everything from .kr hosts blocks a lot of spam.
> Must be something about koreans and open relays...  I suppose that if you
> actually wanted email from korea, that might not work as well. :)

.cn and various other Asian countries seem to have a lot of open
relays.  I'm always nervous about blocking large chunks of APNIC
address space though...  It works great for filtering spam, but you
could potentially be blocking legitimate mail from a *lot* of people.

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