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Re: ok, how about your favorite spam filter?

On Tue, May 29, 2001 at 07:29:03AM -0700, Robert Threet wrote:
> What's everybody using for spam?  I was looking at the
> solution in the Sendmail book - yuk.  How much
> overhead does that add?

I'm in favor of Charles' solution as well, but I also take each and every spam
message I receive and save it into a "spam" folder.  I take all of the "from"
and "to" addresses out and put them into a dbm file which is checked for every
message that comes in.  Eventually I'll get around to saving a better data
set (like the source host, the source relay, subject line) so it can be better
refined - but for now, my personal killfile works just fine.

Also, I've found that rejecting everything from .kr hosts blocks a lot of spam.
Must be something about koreans and open relays...  I suppose that if you
actually wanted email from korea, that might not work as well. :)

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