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Re: Init and other problems

The entire RedHat install cdrom is mounted at ftp.luci.org.  You can get to
the /dosutils directory and download /images/boot.img and
/dosutils/rawrite.exe to the computer at the library and create a floppy
right there (in dos or win).  The boot disk you create will let you boot
your box to a "rescue" prompt (I think, I really haven't crossed that bridge
yet) or reinstall RedHat from your cdrom.

ppp for dos?  I can't help you there as I have not tried to connect a dos
box to the 'net.

ipchains-like for win32?  I am not sure about that.  I do know that there is
a very excellent firewall at www.zonelabs.com that is free for personal use.
I has gotten very high independent ratings,  even higher than most other
commericial packages available for win32.  Keep in mind that most of what
you will find for win firewalls is considered "application" level firewalls
and not really packet-level firewalls.

Either way, I will bring a boot floppy (created from boot.img) and a system
boot disk to the meeting.  For the system boot disk, I need to know if your
box is a 386, 486, Pentium, etc so I know what kernel to put on it.

I hope this helps....

Aaron Cronkright

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Subject: Init and other problems

>      I was looking over my sysvinit scripts earlier this week and then I
decided to experiment. I backed up my configuration as I knew I would
probrably screw something up. I screwed up and found out that I could not
boot from cdrom as I thought I could. My cdrom is defective and I really
don't like sitting at the public library in order to send e-mail. Can
someone make a bootable floppy containing a minimal linux system and bring
it to the next meeting? I would be extremly grateful for the disk as I only
have version 4.01 of MS-DOS on a floppy to work with. A dos ppp program
would also be equally helpful.
>      I also have a friend who is in need of an open-source or freeware
ipchains-like program for win32. So far all I hae been able to find is a
couple of bad commercial products.
>      Help with either problem would be appreciated. C'ya
> Adams
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