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Init and other problems

     I was looking over my sysvinit scripts earlier this week and then I decided to experiment. I backed up my configuration as I knew I would probrably screw something up. I screwed up and found out that I could not boot from cdrom as I thought I could. My cdrom is defective and I really don't like sitting at the public library in order to send e-mail. Can someone make a bootable floppy containing a minimal linux system and bring it to the next meeting? I would be extremly grateful for the disk as I only have version 4.01 of MS-DOS on a floppy to work with. A dos ppp program would also be equally helpful.
     I also have a friend who is in need of an open-source or freeware ipchains-like program for win32. So far all I hae been able to find is a couple of bad commercial products.
     Help with either problem would be appreciated. C'ya

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