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Re: Athlon MB

Thanks all for your advice and help.  As it turns out, the board went out on 
its own without the storm's help.  The Abit KA-7 has a known design flaw that 
sometimes causes the capicitors near the processor slot to leak 
and/or "explode".  When talking to Abit support this was deemed the problem 
because in the days leading up to the fatal problem, I had been experiencing 
intermittent mouse problems (I had chalked it up to the CVS version of 
XFree86.) which they believe was the first signs of the capacitors taking out 
circuits.  Upon examination there was a black ooze coming out of most of the 
capacitors near the processor.  Thankfully they've agreed to replace the 
board even though the warranty ended 12 days before the problem.

If there's one thing I've learned from this, it is that I should check the 
newsgroups before buying hardware.  This problem had been noted there a month 
before I bought the board.
Benjamin Story

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