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Re: How long does an IP address change take?

> After reading Jay's post, I wondered, how is that possible? 1) Jay, how
> did you learn that?  2) I am sure you mean IP info, and not actual
> content (IOW, foxnews.com, etc., etc. showing yesterday's news).

No, I *do* mean actual content, except that you raise a good point:
dynamic information does seem to be current. So, AOL's "barrier" of
caching (incoming) web servers must be smart enough to only cache static

How do I know this? Well, a) I've read about it, and b) having done some
web pages for people on AOL, I've experienced first-hand how they often
cannot see changes immediately, and sometimes for days. Although, I would
have guessed 72 hours was the max on that, too.

I don't think AOL's incoming web cache is a secret.

Robert, is it possible that we're also dealing with the cache on the
client's computer? That is, could their browsers be set to "never update",
and could the problem be solved by them simply refreshing their display?


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