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Re: I'm flame bait, but I must ask...

--- Mike808 <mike808@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
> Robert Threet wrote:
> > I need to call a perl routine from an ASP program.
> You can *write* your ASP pages *in* Perl. er....
> PerlScript.
> Stick <%@language="PerlScript"%> at the top of your pages
> and say buh-bye to VB.

Cool!  This worked {mostly}.  This made the core piece of
code start working.  This is very handy to know!  There are
still some gotcha's I haven't worked out.  It doesn't seem
to want to accept a scalar inside quotes and concatenation
doesn't seem to work with the value I passed from ASP.  But
it's very close.  

Thanks to all who helped.  
Have a great Thanksgiving!

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