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I am attemting to set up my home network so any remote user can ssh into a 
computer connected to a modem, make the computer dial by typing WVDIAL, 
and use that machine as a gateway.

The way I am set up right now, immediately after rebooting the gateway 
machine (to run level 3), I have to startx and then manually dial using 
the red hat ppp dialer (in redhat 7.2), then disconnect, and logout.  
After doing this, my plan works perfectly.   Remote users can connect and 
disconnect at will using wvdial.

I was just curious as to why I am having to manually run the red hat ppp 
dialer immediately after a reboot.  There must be a change that the red 
hat dialer is making to the system.  This morning I forgot I had to 
manually dial after the first start, and spent a half hour trying to 
troubleshoot my network.

Just a topic for discussion.  It seems as though the red hat dialer itself 
even uses wvdial in some way to connect to the internet.  the wvdial.conf 
file is modified after changing the dialup configuration from Gnome, and 
it appears that the Red Hat ppp dialer is using information from the 
wvdial.conf file to dial the internet.


Ricky Bryce

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