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video capture cards

Does anyone have a reccomendation on either a dedicated video capture
board for linux or a combined capture board / video card?  Even if I
were to get my Voodoo3 3500 TV working, it can only do 1/2 TV res,
which sucks a whole bunch.

I've been playing with an ATI All-in-wonder Radeon 7500 DV recently
(it's good to be the one who specs out new machines when you want to
play with toys before buying them for home use) and it works really
well under Windows 2000, but I can't find much of anything on video
capture support under linux.  It'll do full DVD quality MPEG2 capture
(720x400@30FPS) and runs a kinda reasonable $180ish, but I don't
wanna have to run windows just to use it - and it doesn't provide a
video for windows driver so it won't work with older capture programs.

I'd also be receptive to suggestions on linux video editing and mpeg
1 and 2 encoding software. ;)

Tips?  Pointers?  Comments on anything?

--Danny, who wants to move his South Park collection off of the PVR
and onto VCD/SVCD...

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