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Re: video capture cards

Danny Sauer wrote:
> Does anyone have a reccomendation on either a dedicated video capture
> board for linux or a combined capture board / video card?

I've been very happy with my Matrox G400TV. They should be pretty cheap
as they're getting a bit old. But the Matrox support is pretty good under
Linux. Works great under WinXX, too.

Haven't looked at the TV under Linux in about a year. AFAIK, the best 
support for Video4Linux has been with the BT (BrookTree) chipset cards.
That may be different now, as it's been a while. But the Matrox support under
X is great, you get dual head, and TV-out and you don't have to buy two
cards with goofy connectors when the vidcard is AGP and the capcard is PCI.

> I'd also be receptive to suggestions on linux video editing and mpeg
> 1 and 2 encoding software. ;)

Although its for Win, I wouldn't be surprised if they work under WINE.
Best web source for info: http://www.vcdhelper.com

Tools: AdvBitRate, Gordian Knot, TMPEGenc, Virtual Dub, and VCDEasy.
I haven't really worked with the tools in Linux, as my Linux boxes haven't
been all that stable lately.

perl -le "$_='7284254074:0930970:H4012816';tr[0->][ BOPEN!SMUT];print"

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