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console output to serial port

A while back, I posted a question on getting remote out of band access to 
a linux machine. I found the following website which does a very good job 
at documenting just how to do this through redirection of console output 
to additional devices, such as serial ports.


The file is a little dated simply because it does not include any 
information on how to update your grub.conf as opposed to lilo.conf for 
additional kernel parameters.

In short, it looks like you really only need two additional edits to your 
boot program's config file. A "serial=" and "append="
When I read through 'info grub' I can see where the "serial" option can be 
included, but I saw no mention of "append" except through a gurb command 
line which lets to specify kernel options. 

Is "append" a valid grub.conf entry or has it been replaced?

Thanks -Charles

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