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Re: tesla coil?

On 22 May 2002, Kara Pritchard wrote:
> Actually, the humor I found in the post was because we have 
> a LUCI member, known by the name of Tesla Coil.  I've since
> learned that he's been a bit under the weather as of late, 
> having undergone some serious surgery last month.

Last week.  Released from the hospital on Sunday, just now back 
online.  Doing well, sipping on a nice cool Cefazolin IV as I
write this -- It's been breakfast, lunch, and dinner of infused
antibiotics since the beginning of the month, promised to be a
steady diet somewhere into the middle of the next.  

Surgery was replacement of a substandard aortic heart valve
that went unnoticed all these years until some streptococcus 
viridans found it affordable real estate.  The condition is
called "subacute bacterial endocarditis" and announced itself 
with nightly 103 degree fevers, roaming joint pains strangely
temporary for their severity, and eventually a mild stroke that
gave me a couple days of random interference pronouncing words
even when I spoke very slowly.  Maybe 50 in a million people
get a dose -- my case probably typical of over half of them.

Crippling around a little right now, but prognosis is that I
should be Better Than New after a few weeks...

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