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Re: OT: DoubleClick Blocking

> ... there is software out there that you can acquire to accomplish what 
> you want.  I don't have the specifics, but I am sure you can find out."


Basically a local proxy server that filters requests to specific domains/URLs.

You could implement an HTTP proxy server on your firewall to do the same
thing at a single point. The proxy can be internal to the firewall or
an advertised service from the inside (i.e. users set it to be their
proxy host - it just doesn't run locally ( like guidescope does)

> All I want is to have my subnet clients view web content without their 
> browsers being redirected to Doubleclick.

You could also setup a split-horizon DNS that returns a fixed *internal*
IP address for doubleclick.net on which you run a webserver that
always immediately returns a "204/no content" response.

Just some of the options. The most common one is using some sort of proxying.
Squid or Apache are more than capable.



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