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Re: Synaptic for apt

On Thu, 2002-10-31 at 13:46, Gary wrote:
> Has anyone played with this yet.. a GUI for apt. Some are using it on RH.
> http://packages.debian.org/testing/admin/synaptic.html

It's a fairly popular package on Debian.  It uses the WINGS toolkit
(think WindowMaker).

There are lots of front ends, add-ons, etc. for apt in Debian; some of
them are likely to be useful for RPM-based systems.  These include:

 - aptitude.  Intended to be the dselect replacement in Debian. 
Curses-based, making it easy to use over ssh.

 - stormpkg.  Stormix apt front end.

 - gnome-apt.  What the name says.  Used to be clunky, but I've heard
it's been adopted by someone who's making it work nicely.

 - kpackage.  KDE front end for, among other things, apt.

 - apt-proxy.  Creates a local proxy for packages; this way, if you have
more than one system maintained by apt, you only download packages once.

 - apt-move.  Similar to the above; creates a mirror hierarchy from the
apt cache.

 - apt-zip.  Method for installing packages via Zip disks.

 - auto-apt.  Auto-installs packages via apt and sudo upon file

 - cron-apt.  Scripts for keeping the apt cache and databases up to date
automatically.  Can be set to auto-download updates as they become

 - apt-build.  If you have source lines in sources.list, this can
download source, build, and install packages optimized for your

 - apt-listchanges.  Shows the changelog entries for all package updates
before installing the packages, thus allowing you to abort the update if
you notice something bad.

 - jablicator.  Creates a meta-package with information about the
currently installed packages.  You can install this meta-package on
another system, and apt will install any packages not on the first
system automatically.

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