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Re: Distros

Somewhere else, Phil Bunch [MOSLUG] asked...

> do you think you could download/burn me a CDR of ... Knoppix?

I'm pulling 


right now. Getting 140KB/sec so it's a rockin' mirror.

Also, since I'm bringing one to Phil at the MOSLUG meeting, 
so I'll burn 2 and you can get it at the meeting.

MOSLUG meets TOMORROW 7-9pm at Culpeppers in Kirkwood (Kirkwood Rd aka 
Lindbergh) about 2 miles north of 44 & Lindbergh.

It's a 700MB CD BTW. I'm burning on CDRs, so no need to bring CDRW replacements.

I'm breaking in a new 48x burner, so we'll see.... :=)

Steve wrote:
> Note that I prefer people to use the shorter URL
>   ftp://ftp.silug.org/pub/redhat/linux/8.0/en/iso/i386/psyche-i386-disc1.iso

Aw, Steve, you can do better than that! http://fcol.org/?N5
(Only good for 7 days).

> I should note that I recommend either rsync or, at worst, http, since
> ftp sucks so bad.

C'mon. http has *got* to suck worse than ftp since it has no restart ability.
That's important in 56k dialup land, lest you get too used to your T1, bub.
I agree, though, that rsync rocks. I just wish the samba team would submit 
an RFC for the protocol and get an "official" protocol designation on the 
IETF standards track.



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