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Re: Distros (byte-ranging)

On Sat, Nov 09, 2002 at 02:05:43PM -0500, Jeff Licquia wrote:
> FTP needs to die, period.

And with that, I'd like to declare this thread officially dead.

In a related note, I have a few not-technically-advanced shell users
on one of my systems, and they'd like to upload files to the
system. What's the easiest way for them to do this? Pscp seems pretty
GAR to me, mainly because command.com is such an ass shell. It'd be
nice if there were a gui scp program for Windows.

The alternative I think would be telling them to install bash and then
use pscp from bash, but I have no idea how involved of an operation
that is. I installed TeX on Windows once and it was a bitch, defiantly
not something they could handle.

They can use pscp from dos if that's all that's available, but I'd
like to make it as easy as possible.

By the way, just to make sure that thread is good and dead, mike808 is
Hitler [1] [2].

[1] Please send all tired whines about intentionally invoking godwin's
law to null@hafd.org

[2] And by the way, mike808, time-based wages are referenced in the
Bible (parable of the winery workers), also in Greek tragedy, iirc (I
believe it was the guard/messenger in Antigone), and people have been
learning how to do their jobs themselves for at least as
long. Remember, research *then* wank.

Jordan Bettis <http://www.hafd.org/~jordanb>
[President Jimmy] Carter told Americans the truth and they hated him
for it. [They] responded by throwing him out of office and replaced
him with a movie actor who promised to restore the Great Enterprise to
all its former glory, whatever the costs.  
          -- James Howard Kunstler, _The Geography of Nowhere_ 

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