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Re: Distros (byte-ranging)

On Sat, Nov 09, 2002 at 07:29:44PM -0600, Jordan Bettis wrote:
> In a related note, I have a few not-technically-advanced shell users
> on one of my systems, and they'd like to upload files to the
> system. What's the easiest way for them to do this? Pscp seems pretty
> GAR to me, mainly because command.com is such an ass shell. It'd be
> nice if there were a gui scp program for Windows.

It's not a GUI, but I have this .bat file:

cd c:\util
pscp %1 denny@mybox.net:/home/denny/upload/

And I then create a shortcut that I put in my SendTo directory.
That way from Explorer I can just right click on a file and use
"Send To" to have pscp transfer it.

Denny Reiter                               denny@reiters.org
So I don't hurt your feelings:        happydenny@reiters.org
       "An expert is a man who can spit over a boxcar." - Carl Sandburg

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