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make install modifying

Presently, I'm setting up a netboot system (several), and am finding it
rather annoying to build apps for that system.  For example, I want to
get openssh installed on it.  So, I download and run
	./configure --prefix=/netboot/common/root/usr/
(well, sysconf's specified too, but you get the picture.

Anyway, that compiles and make install works just fine, but then
the binaries expect to find config files in /netboot/common/root/usr/etc,
but since /netboot/common/root is mounted on / that doesn't work well.
Setting --prefix=/ screws up the "make install" stage.

Is there a reasonably standard way to make "make install" assume a
sort-of chroot-like environment when installing?  I can copy the
binaries by hand, but that's time-consuming, and doesn't have the
handy side-effect of creating default config files, server keys, etc.

Tips (aside from "just install a distribution and copy the files you
need to the netboot root")?


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