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Newsletter from O'Reilly UG Program, December 6 (fwd)

O'Reilly User Group Program
December 6, 2002

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Highlights This Week:
Book News
-Running Linux, 4th Edition
-XML CD Bookshelf
-Macintosh Troubleshooting Pocket Guide
-Word Pocket Guide
-PHP Cookbook
-Java Swing, 2nd Edition
-Mac OS X Pocket Guide, 2nd Edition
-Essential System Administration Pocket Reference
Upcoming Events
-Derrick Story ("iPhoto: The Missing Manual") will be 
on the Radio December 7
-David G. Kelly, ("Practical VoIP Using VOCAL"), 
San Jose, CA--December 10
-Ian Oeschger ("Creating Applications with Mozilla"), 
Mountain View, CA--December 10
-Cricket Liu ("DNS and BIND"), Boulder, CO--December 12
Conference News
-O'Reilly Bioinformatics Technology Conference Online 
Registration is Open
-Proposals are due December 13 for the O'Reilly Emerging 
Technology Conference

-Computers for Albatrosses
-An Interview with Tim O'Reilly
-HTML version of the O'Reilly UG Newsletter for your site
-O'Reilly Gear Available at ThinkGeek
-Put up a ThinkGeek Banner, Get A Free Book
-The 2002 Perl Advent Calendar
-Internationalization and Localization with PHP
-ApacheCon 2002 Coverage
-Relational Modeling of Biological Data: Trees and Graphs
-Data Management in Windows Forms Applications, Part 1
-C# Generics in Rotor
-Chapter from "ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide, 2nd
Edition" available online
-PHP with Apple's Developer Tools
-Inside RelativeLayout
-Gifts for Geeks on the Cheap
>From Your Peers
-The Maryland Apple Corps Will Have Their Annual Holiday Party & Flea
Market on December 17th

Book News
Review books are available--please email me for a copy.
Let me know if you need your books by a certain date.
Please allow at least four weeks for shipping. 
Send or email me copies of your newsletters and book reviews.

Don't forget, your members get 20% off any O'Reilly book they purchase
directly from O'Reilly. Just use code DSUG when ordering.

***Group purchases with better discounts are available***
Please let me know if you are interested.

Press releases are available on our press page:

***Running Linux, 4th Edition
Order Number: 2726
"Running Linux, 4th Edition" delves into installation, configuring the
windowing system, system administration, and networking. A solid
foundation text for any Linux user, the book also includes additional
resources for dealing with special requirements imposed by hardware,
advanced applications, and emerging technologies. Whether you are using
Linux on a home workstation or maintaining a network server, "Running
Linux" will provide expert advice on what you need.

Chapter 7, "Upgrading the Software and the Kernel," and Chapter 15,
"TCP/IP and PPP," are available online:

***XML CD Bookshelf 
Order Number: 3358
The "XML CD Bookshelf" provides convenient online access, from your
CD-ROM drive, to seven of O'Reilly's indispensable XML books: "XML in a
Nutshell, 2nd Edition," "XSLT," "XML Schema," "SAX2," "Java & XML, 2nd
Edition," "Java and XSLT," and "Perl & XML." The CD has a master index
for all seven books and a powerful search engine; the text is
extensively hyperlinked, so you'll find what you're looking for

***Macintosh Troubleshooting Pocket Guide
Order Number: 4435
This book covers the most common hardware and software problems for Mac
users. This slim guide distills the answers to the urgent questions
that Tekserve, "the leader in Apple triage services," answers every
week. It's not just a book for Mac OS X, although it includes tips for
OS X and Jaguar; it's for anyone who owns a Mac of any type--there are
software tips going back as far as OS 6.

The table of contents are available online:

***Word Pocket Guide
Order Number: 4451
Packed with information, this pocket guide is a condensed quick
reference for all users who want to complete tasks faster, without
having to plow through a thousand-page tutorial. "Word Pocket Guide"
covers Word 2002, 2000, and 97, and it includes an explanation of how
Word works behind the scenes; a guide section for common tasks and
little-known solutions; and reference tables for keyboard shortcuts,
regular expressions, and common file locations.

The table of contents are available online:

***PHP Cookbook
Order Number: 6811
"PHP Cookbook" provides programmers with solutions and practical
examples to hundreds of problems they'll encounter when working with
PHP. With over 250 recipes ranging from simple tasks to entire programs
that demonstrate complex tasks (such as printing HTML tables and
generating bar charts), this book offers a unique and extensive
collection of best practices for everyday PHP programming dilemmas.
Novice to advanced PHP practitioners will find a treasure trove of
useful code in "PHP Cookbook." 

Chapter 8, "Web Basics," is available online:

***Java Swing, 2nd Edition
Order Number: 4087
This new edition thoroughly covers all the features available in Java 2
SDK 1.3 and 1.4. More than a reference, this book takes a practical
approach with hundreds of useful examples, from beginning level to
advanced, covering every component available in Swing. Whether you're a
seasoned Java developer or just trying to find out what Java can do,
you'll find this an indispensable guide.

Chapter 14, "Menus and Toolbars," is available online:

***Mac OS X Pocket Guide, 2nd Edition
Order Number: 4583
Concise, easy to use, and thoroughly updated to cover Mac OS X 10.2,
this pocket guide introduces you to the fundamental concepts of Mac OS
X. It features a handy "Mac OS X Survival Guide" that shows Mac users
what has changed from Mac OS 9, and it helps Windows and Unix converts
get acclimated to their new OS. With over 250 tips and tricks, this
practical guide is a roadmap to the power of Mac OS X.

A Sample Excerpt, "Tips for Switchers," is available online:

***Essential System Administration Pocket Reference
Order Number: 4494
This book brings together all the important Unix and Linux system
administration information in a single compact volume. Not only are
administrative commands covered, but this reference also includes the
locations and formats of important configuration files (including both
general system databases like the password and group files as well as
the configuration files for major subsystems like DNS, DHCP, and
sendmail). The book also includes variations in command usage and file
formats for the most important Unix versions.

A Sample Excerpt, "User Accounts," is available online:

Upcoming Events
***Derrick Story ("iPhoto: The Missing Manual") will be on the Radio December 7
The Inside Mac Radio Show With Bob LeVitus & Scott Sheppard will
include author Derrick Story This Saturday, December 7, 11:00am-1:00pm
PST. Derrick will be talking about Mac OS X, O'Reilly, iPhoto, and
general computer stuff.

For more information, please see:

***David G. Kelly, ("Practical VoIP Using VOCAL"), 
San Jose, CA--December 10
Author David G. Kelly will be presenting "Building a VoIP System" to
the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Association of C & C++ Users.
December 10, 7:00pm-9:00pm
Accent Technology, 
1880 Hartog Dr.
San Jose, CA 95131

For more information, please see:

***Ian Oeschger ("Creating Applications with Mozilla"), 
Mountain View, CA--December 10 
Author Ian Oeschger is giving a talk to the Emerging
Technology Group SIG for the Software Development Forum. He will
introduce the Mozilla platform and show developers how to begin to
create applications with Mozilla technologies.

December 10, 7:00pm
Mountain View Community Center
201 S. Rengstorff Ave. Room 2
Mountain View, CA

For more information, please see:

***Cricket Liu ("DNS and BIND"), Boulder, CO--December 12
Author Cricket Liu discusses new threats to the Domain Name Service
(DNS) at a Front Range UNIX Users Group meeting

December 12, 4:00pm
CU Academic Computing Center Building
Room 123
Arapahoe and Marine Streets in Boulder, CO

For more information, please see:

For more events, please see:

Conference News
***Online registration is now open for the O'Reilly 
Bioinformatics Technology Conference
This conference takes place at the Westin Horton Plaza in San Diego on
February 3-6, 2003.  

Early Bird Discount--
User Group members who register before December 16th, 2002 get a double
discount. Use code DSUG when you register, and you'll get 20% off the
"Early Bird" price.

To register, go to:

***Proposals are due December 13 for the O'Reilly Emerging 
Technology Conference 
O'Reilly & Associates invites technologists, CTOs, CIOs, programmers,
business developers, strategists, and policy makers to lead tutorial
and conference sessions at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology

The submission deadline for all proposals is December 13, 2002.

News From O'Reilly & Beyond
General News
***Computers for Albatrosses
A computer small enough to fit on an albatross? This article details
the datalogger John Catsoulis built in order to track an albatross's
migration patterns.

John wrote "Designing Embedded Hardware."
Order Number: 3625

***An Interview with Tim O'Reilly
Here's what Tim's thinking about these days, from iPod to web services
to O'Reilly's upcoming Emerging Technology Conference

The O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference

***Would you like an HTML version of the O'Reilly User Group Program
Newsletter for your site?  
Big Blue and Cousins: The Greater Victoria Personal Computer Users'
Association has it available. The simplified source code may be freely
adapted by other user groups. Please retain the copyright notice.

Special thanks to Les Benson for letting us share this!

***Official O'Reilly Gear at ThinkGeek
For years, our customers have asked us to make and sell various items
with our animals on them. We are pleased and proud to present our first
collection of official O'Reilly animal swag.  

(Sorry, no User Group discounts available at ThinkGeek)

***Put Up An O'Reilly ThinkGeek Banner, Get A Free Book
We are looking for user groups to display our ThinkGeek banners on
their web sites. If you send me the link to your user group site with
our O'Reilly ThinkGeek banner, I will send you the O'Reilly book of
your choice.

ThinkGeek Banners:

Open Source
***The 2002 Perl Advent Calendar

***Internationalization and Localization with PHP
Making your web sites multilingual doesn't have to mean driving
yourself crazy. Learn how to deliver translated text and images simply
and easily, from Adam Trachtenberg, coauthor of "PHP Cookbook."

PHP Cookbook
Order Number: 6811

***ApacheCon 2002 Coverage
Apache Week's coverage of this year's ApacheCon includes a summary of
Tim O'Reilly's keynote on "Watching the Alpha Geeks."

For more on Apache see "Apache: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Edition."
(Available later this month.) 
Order Number: 2033

***Relational Modeling of Biological Data: Trees and Graphs
Aaron Mackey shows how to build and manage a relational database that
supports hierarchical data.

Aaron will be giving a tutorial called "Relational Databases for
Bioinformatics" at O'Reilly's upcoming Bioinformatics Technology
For more information, go to:

***Data Management in Windows Forms Applications, Part 1 
Chris Tavares has always enjoyed doing user interface work. As he puts
it, the ability to put his work right on the screen in full view is
what makes UI work different from back-end business logic, and it feels
more satisfying somehow to write code that does something on the
screen, rather than just adjust an account balance somewhere in some
database. In this article, he will show you how the typical Model-View
architecture works in .NET.

***C# Generics in Rotor
If you want to try using generic classes and methods in C#, you don't
have to wait--Microsoft Research has released an experimental
implementation. In this article by Dave Berry, he shows you how you can
start working with it right away.

***Chapter from "ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide, 2nd
Edition" available online
Chapter 10, "Events and Event Handling," the first of three chapters
from "ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition"
(out later this month) are available for viewing on Macromedia's Flash
MX Application Development Center.

ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition
Order Number: 396X

***PHP with Apple's Developer Tools
Apple's OS X developer tools were originally developed by NeXT for
programmers working with Obj-C, but have since evolved for use with a
wide range of languages. At the heart of these tools is an IDE called
Project Builder, which is also useful for working with PHP, as this
article examines.

***Inside RelativeLayout
Here's a look inside the RelativeLayout package that shows you how the
layout manager works, and how to extend it to support new kinds of
constraints, by James Elliott, coauthor of "Java Swing, 2nd Edition."

Java Swing, 2nd Edition
Order Number: 4087

***Gifts for Geeks on the Cheap

***iApp Power Play by Derrick Story 
Derrick Story says "Don't be lulled by those seemingly simple GUI
interfaces: the iApps are high performance publishing tools. Here's how
to use them together to create a full-fledged media development

>From Your Peers
*** Maryland Apple Corps, Greater Baltimore Metro Area
The Maryland Apple Corps. will have their annual holiday party & flea
market on December 17th at the Towson Library, Towson, MD.

For more information, please contact MdAPPLE@aol.com

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