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Boot startup question

This is a long question.

First... Thanks to Aaron and Eric from the Springfield linux users who were both instrumental in my accomplishing this procedure.

Aaron helped me get iptables up and running and I paid attention just well enough to make a change to the firewall to open port 995 but now I'm not sure how to have the newly modified firewall script enabled upon boot.

The reason I had to open this port is because I located a site which explained how to disable the non-encrypted pop3 daemon on port 110 and enable the pop3s  so now my mail passwords and mail are encrypted through stunnel over port 995.

I stumbled onto the procedure on the Mandrake site but Eric pointed out the procedure on the linuxdocs site which turned out to be easier for me to understand for some reason.


I seemed to understand the procedure from the linux docs site best.

Now that you have the above history...

I had to modify the mon-motha firewall script to open port 995 which I was succesfull at doing but now I have to manually execute the rc.firewall script after a reboot to re-enable the open port 995.

I used the command "locate" to find all the directories that contained the file rc.firewall. One of the directories is the /etc/rc.d/init.d/ directory so this is the file modified to open port 995 because I thought this was the directory of scripts that get executed upon startup.

Now I have to manually cd to that directory and type the command bash rc.firewall to get the firewall going after a reboot.

I think the firewall is going but I think it's the firewall script that doesn't have the modification to open port 995.

Anyone have any idea what I can do?

Here are a couple of other possible scenarios I thought of...

I'm not sure if Aaron renamed the rc.firewall script to something other than rc.firewall and now this renamed file is the one that is getting executed upon startup?

I did notice that I cannot execute the rc.firewall script just by refering to it. I have to type bash before it and then it loads the firewall.

Is there a command I need to run on the script to make it executable without the bash command preceeding it?

Yes... I know... my newbie-ism is showing. I'm only on the 5th month of the Linux quest.

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