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Video Card

The power supply suggestion sounds good if that will really solve your
problem and it's not an expensive gamble.

http://www.newegg.com has a vast selection of good power supplies.

Click on shop by category then click power supplies THEN click SUMMARY
VIEW then click price to sort by price starting at the lowest price.

My preference is the:

Raidmax DUAL FAN 320W Power supply for P4/K7 Motherboards PM-S320U **AMD
PM-S320U $33.00

I've used them in 3 different systems so far.

I've also had good luck with EVGA... a company that manufactures nvidia
based cards.

They've had good reviews if you're looking for a budget card.

According to the reviews their last model of the geforce 2 card
outperformed the actual name brand card from nvidia because they used
better faster ram.

Not sure about reviews on the newer geforce 4 cards though I've
installed them in three different systems because of the good results I
had with evga in the past.

Good prices on EVGA brand cards can be found on pricewatch.com or


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