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Re: Video Card


Thanks for all the help.  So far, it looks like I'm just going to have
to go out and buy the power supply if I wanna get this thing to work.

Looks like that's not the only problem either - apparently, my AGP slot
is 1.0 and therefore not compatible with the nVidia card either.  Would
be nice if that stuff was on the box, and not in the owners manual
inside the box :-).  So, I guess I've got two options:  get my present
(Voodoo3 - which, on the whole, isn't THAT BAD of a card - it works,
just not on Linux yet :-D), and, go out and grab probably an ATI card
that's compatible with my AGP slot.  AND - all of this probably needs to
be done before classes start again in a week.

Since I'm cheap :-) - I guess I'll try to figure out how to get the
Voodoo3 to work.  I'm sorry - I'm new to Linux, could anyone tell me how
to check what version of X I'm running?  It's probably 4.2 - I'm running
a Red Hat 8.0 box - so it makes sense I'd have the latest version; but
just in case.  If I read XFree's support page right, X4 is the version
that supports Voodoo3 - despite the fact that a friend of mine said that
X was getting ready to drop support for that card - thus causing this
whole mess :-).  Once I've got that confirmed/upgraded as needed, I'll
need to d/l and install the glide libraries... and I'm probably rattling
your ears off.  :-).  If I have any other problems, I'll let you guys
know.  Thanks again.

Kris Kerwin

On Sat, 2002-12-28 at 23:47, Kara Pritchard wrote:
    If you already have an nVidia, why not buy a new PS instead?
    On 27 Dec 2002, Kris Kerwin wrote:
    > A late Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah (please forgive me for butchering
    > that word) and an Early Happy New Year to all:
    > I'm looking for a fairly cheap (under $100 or so), but nice video card
    > to run on my Linux/Windows box.  I'm looking at playing games on both. 
    > But, there's a catch.  I tried nVidia, but it won't work because I'm not
    > running on a high enough power supply - I've got a 200watt supply. 
    > nVidia wants at least 250-300.  So, no good there.  Anyone else no of
    > any good cards under Linux that will fit my bracket?  Thanks.
    > Kris Kerwin
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