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JOB: wanted smtp/email/infosec skills

Any kickback I get goes to the org for the list you're reading this on.
Or LUG of your choice.

email me off-list for contact info. I don't know who the client is,
or the rate range but my contact does.

As I said, any bounty/bonus/financial benefit I receive will go to
the group/list where you're reading this or the LUG of your choice if
you are the successful candidate for this position.

It is a St. Louis position, I believe.

Here's the req:

12 month contract to support the design, development, deployment, and
maintenance of security architectures, including external mail relays, 
external DNS, network sensors, and network troubleshooting. 
The scope of this position is enterprise-wide.  

Required Skills: 
* 3 plus years hands on experience in network security, 
  Unix-based mail relay implementation and support, secure mail models, 
  DMZ architecture, external DNS configurations, 
  hardening Solaris operating systems, and network monitoring; 
* Broad understanding of all aspects of IT and enterprise systems 
* Thorough understanding of network protocols, sendmail, DNS, 
  network monitoring, network and host based security; 
* A minimum of 3 to 5 years hands on experience with Solaris 7 and 8; 
* 2 years experience implementing and supporting sendmail and DNS; 
* 2 years experience troubleshooting SMTP and DNS issues 
  with external third party business connections; 
* 2 years experience shell scripting, network monitoring, and log analysis.

Optional Skills:
* Experience supporting network or host based intrusion detection sensors 
  a plus; 
* Jumpstart experience a plus; 
* Comprehensive understanding network security infrastructure, sendmail, 
  Bind, and DNS on Solaris systems; 
* Must be self-motivated, multi-task oriented, and willing and able to work 
  independently as well as in a team environment.



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