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Re: Strange sendmail behaviour

> dns is configured for db.test.lab as
> @	IN	MX 10 a.test.lab
>      	IN	MX 20 mx1.test.lab
> 	IN	MX 30 mx2.test.lab
> oddly, when i send a message to
>  gaucho%test.lab@mx1.test.lab
> the message is bounced saying that there is a local configuration problem
> on the mx1 machine.

You might have a loop. mx1 is a delivery MTA for the test.lab domain.
So the mail goes to mx1 and is told to send it on to 'test.lab', not
a machine name. I don't believe the '%' notation can specify a domain,
but must specify a host. I'd check RFC822 (I think that's the right one).

That said, you can also configure a.test.lab to be the same host as
'test.lab'. There is nothing wrong with a host name that is the domain name.
Sometimes it's easier that way for things like "http://test.lab/", for example.

Then when mx1 tries to send the mail to 'test.lab', there really is a 
host there with that name (which can be a.test.lab, but doesn't have to be).



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