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LUCI Meeting Question

Newbie with a problem.

Is there a chance I could bother someone or everyone at the meeting to take a peek at my httpd.conf to see if there is a simple fix for my SSL.

SSL works with webmin and usermin but no matter how I configure the virtual host on port 443 it still doesn't work for my site.

I've looked at many sites pertaining to this but I seem to be missing somthing. Hopefully somthing simple.

I've learned that you either have to have a separate ip for each ssl host or you have to configure each ssl enabled vhost with it's own port number.

Then only the one which is assighned to port 443 will work by default with browsers.

The other ssl virtual hosts would have to have the port number manually entered as part of the URL
http://www.vost3.com:445 etc.

At any rate I know ssl is working because it's working with webmin so I'm just stumped and I'm begging :-(

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