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JOB: Toolsmiths, Release and Packaging

Email me off-list if interested. Any bonus/kickbacks go to the LUG or
Linux/Open Source project of your choice.


Perm opportunity in the St. Louis, MO area.

Immediate opening for a Systems Analyst; Oversee application Releases.  Work 
with Release Coordinators, packaging team and application teams to manage late 
submissions to a Release, ensuring minimum impact to Release and Release 

Duties include preparation of Product and Quality Management reports, 
maintaining information on the intranet and coordinating and facilitating 

Technical Issues; Minimum three years systems analysis experience. 
Knowledge of applications, architecture and software release processes 
is preferred.  

Excellent oral and written communication skills, problem solving skills, 
ability to manage multiple concurrent tasks, strong organizational skills, 
excellent meeting facilitation skills and ability to work independently.  
Bachelors degree in related field. 


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