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OT again, was Chipset fan

Speaking of ordering online, I just built a new PC with parts from
Insight (formerly TC Computers) and AccuPC. I was THOROUGHLY impressed
with the speed of the orders from both places. Insight sent me my parts
the next day, even though I ordered them late the previous afternoon.
And my Thermaltake Xaser III case is phenomenal. 

Also, I would NOT recommend buying parts from Computer Deli. They tried
to hose me on a motherboard just because I didn't have the retail box
with me. I had the receipt and they new the MB was bad, but just didn't
want to let me bring the cardboard box in the next day, so I had to
wait. Needless to say I returned all that I had bought and got it


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Most of the overclocker-supply places have chipset fans that'll use the
existing mounting holes (most are also video card coolers).  That'd be
nice for the time when the new fan fails, if that time comes. :)

Personally, I like to get stuff from http://www.xpcgear.com/, but most
anyplace online will do.  Search google for "overclocking" and maybe
or heatsinks - you'll find a bunch of places.  Just measure the distance
center-to-center for those holes on your motherboard, and find a chipset
heatsink that's the same.

--Danny, who replaced his last chipset cooler with a "crystal orb", and
pleased with its performance

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