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Re: OT: Chipset Fan

Tesla Coil said:
> On 13 May 2003, Benjamin Story wrote:
>> I just noticed that my A7V133 (Asus) board has lost its North
>> Bridge fan.  I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for
>> replacement fans and how to remove the current one as I don't
>> see any obvious clips.
> You'll need to remove the board from the case.  There's two anchors on
> opposite corners of the fan to be pushed from the trace side.  A pair of
> hemostats are handy to crush them shut so they'll fit through. Ya tear
> them up in the process, no big thing.  If a replacement fan exists, it's
> not worth the hunting.  A glue-on heat sink will do the job just fine,
> even on a machine that runs constantly.

Most of the overclocker-supply places have chipset fans that'll use the
existing mounting holes (most are also video card coolers).  That'd be
nice for the time when the new fan fails, if that time comes. :)

Personally, I like to get stuff from http://www.xpcgear.com/, but most
anyplace online will do.  Search google for "overclocking" and maybe fans
or heatsinks - you'll find a bunch of places.  Just measure the distance
center-to-center for those holes on your motherboard, and find a chipset
heatsink that's the same.

--Danny, who replaced his last chipset cooler with a "crystal orb", and is
pleased with its performance

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