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Re: DOS -vs- BASH commands

Ray Lewis wrote:

> Hello to everyone,
> I have enjoyed following the posts on this list and have been to several 
> of the LUCI newbie meetings in Springfield.
> I am a Windows administrator trying to get a grip on Linux. I have 
> installed and tested several versions of Linux. I am very excited about 
> Linux so far and think that I will be able to slowly work it into our 
> environment. Having an exclusive DOS/Windows background I am 
> having trouble remembering the Linux commands. I like the BASH Shell but 
> was wondering if anyone knew of a good whitesheet (cheatsheet) that will 
> remind me which shell command to use. Basically, a sheet that would give 
> me the rough equivalent linux to DOS command conversion.

One of my SuSE machines has this /etc/profile.dos file that you could 
source in your own ~/.profile (or just paste the contents in).  It'll 
remind you of the more common ones.  Hope it helps some...

---cut here---
# /etc/profile.dos
# Provides aliases, which return a help when using D*S command names
#  that are different on Un*x.
# To get rid of these aliases, just delete or rename this file.

alias del="echo 'Error: Try the command: rm -iv'"
alias move="echo 'Error: Try the command: mv -iv'"
alias copy="echo 'Error: Try the command: cp -piv'"
alias mem="echo 'Error: Try the command: free'"
alias ver="echo 'Error: Try the command: uname -a'"
alias cd..="echo 'Error: Try: cd ..'"
alias chkdsk="echo -e 'Error: Your filesystems are checked on bootup.\n\
         If you want to do it manually, use fsck.\n\
         Use df and mount for an overview of your disks.'"
alias A:="echo -e 'Error: There is no such thing as a drive A: in Un*x!\n\
         Use mtools, mount or autofs to access your floppy.'"
alias C:="echo -e 'Error: There is no such thing as a drive C: in Un*x!\n\
         Your harddisk should already be mounted (via /etc/fstab or 
alias format="echo -e 'Error: The D*S concept of formatting a disk is 
         Maybe you want to create a filesystem? Use mkfs then.'"
---stop cut here---

Sorry about the line breaks - Thunderbird does that, and I'm too lazy to 
fix it. :(

--Danny, who also enjoys his old mousepad with the big list of Linux 

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