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Re: DOS -vs- BASH commands


I found this document to be extremely helpful. It actually lists many
DOS commands next to the Linux equivalents.


Waylena M. McCully, 
Production Designer/Producer
William M. Staerkel Planetarium
(217) 403-4596

>>> rlewis@anpi.org 06/13/03 02:47PM >>>
Hello to everyone,
I have enjoyed following the posts on this list and have been to
several of the LUCI newbie meetings in Springfield. 
I am a Windows administrator trying to get a grip on Linux. I have
installed and tested several versions of Linux. I am very excited about
Linux so far and think that I will be able to slowly work it into our
environment. Having an exclusive DOS/Windows background I am having
trouble remembering the Linux commands. I like the BASH Shell but was
wondering if anyone knew of a good whitesheet (cheatsheet) that will
remind me which shell command to use. Basically, a sheet that would give
me the rough equivalent linux to DOS command conversion. 
Ray Lewis
Associated Network Partners, Inc.
Network Services Administrator
Phone  217-862-1948

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