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Re: What is that rbl Eric?

On Fri, Jun 13, 2003 at 07:28:53AM -0500 or thereabouts, Danny Sauer wrote:
> That's the bummer for us - we have to keep several of those southeast
> Asian countries since one of our projects does deal with them.

I understand... and yes, does make it difficult for you..
> > As mentioned, SA is cool, and 2.5 is really good with the bays.. one of
> > my mail servers is a 486, so SA is just too intensive for the system, on
> > the server, hence my approach.
> Have you looked into using spamc with the spamd running on a different
> host?  

That's a good idea, but you have to realize, I have not had any spam in 9
months since implimenting my multi-layer approach... Nada... of course, I
am only running four domains, and not professionally an ISP. Why re-invent
the wheel when it ain't broken?

> My mailserver at home is a 486 (well, an AMD 486 DX4 100 OC'd to
> 133, but still a 486).  I run spamd on the file server, which is a dual

Yes, same for me on my backup server.

> celeron box.    The 15-min load average on it's at 1% right now, with an
> average of 355 messages/day being delivered.  Running the whole SA system
> on the mailhost itself slowed things down a little more than I'd like, but
> this works out pretty well.  Granted, it uses more internal bandwidth to
> send the message over to the spamd server and then back, but 100Mb
> switched can pretty easily keep up with stuff coming in over the much

Big time, if you have high volume, but workable in my system. 

> slower T1. :)  If processor time is the only reason not to run it, the
> client-server thing might work for you (and if the server fails for some
> reason, delivery happens normally - which I found out last week after a
> power failure and one bad UPS let the spamd machine stop while the mail
> server kept running).

If I start having trouble with spam, I will impliment this.. you sold me..
good idea on putting spamd on another machine, in fact, I already have it
on my main machine... just have to turn it on. I am running the new SuSE
8.2, and it is installed.  I suppose one would just put the full path and
internal IP address for the spamd machine, from the spamc, without
re-routing SMTP to the spamd machine. I will check this out.. 



I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it.

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