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Re: What is that rbl Eric?

I must've missed this part of the last meeting - where're you getting
those stats from (aside from the mail log)?  Are you doing custom error
messages, or something else?

--Danny, who currently just counts 5xx v/s 250

Erich Schroeder said:
> Sorry, didn't read my mail right away. My spamstats currently look like:
> Spam blocked since May 11 04:05:00:
> bl.spamcop.net          5443
> list.dsbl.org           1828
> www.spamlist.org        1738
> sbl.spamhaus.org         793
> Local rules              408
> relays.ordb.org           64
> ----------------------------
> Total                  10274
> Total messages         38591
> 27% of all mail blocked.
> bl.spamcop was always the highest. list.dsbl.org was the one I added
> during the last meeting, and was what was showing highest in Steves's
> listing. Relays.ordb.org hasn't caught anything new in a couple of
> weeks, but then it is listed last in my sendmail.m4. My local rules are
> mostly just when I get mad at a particular spammer and add them to my
> /etc/mail/access file.
> We have had a problem with some legitimate mail being blocked by
> list.dsbl.org. We had a teacher whose home account was with a local ISP
> in  Beardstown blocked from us. Other spam-blocking services didn't show
> that  ISP as having an open relay but list.dsbl.org did.
> eks
> On Tue, 10 Jun 2003, Gary wrote:
>> Eric,
>> I neglected to write down your main rbl that you use, the one that
>> gives the most spam rejects.  I am curious...  Thanks. I forgot to
>> write it down at the last meeting.

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