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Re: What is that rbl Eric?

That's precisely why I don't use RBLs exclusively.  I use RBLs, but 
they're just part of the scoring process in SpamAssasin.  The default 
weights are a little low for me, though, so I normally bump them up a 
little so that places that are listed in more than 2 or 3 go over the 
default threshold.

Now if I could just dedicate some time to integrating spamc with postfix 
instead of having to deliver through procmail (or having to run two 
instances of postfix, which is just ugly, IMHO). :(

--Danny, assuming some knowledge of SpamAssassin's scoring system when 
he typed that...

Gary wrote:

> Interesting... some RBLs will block off the entire 0/24 addresses for just
> one IP address, which is wrong, but they do it anyway... I will check it
> out., what their policy is.. 

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