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Re: DOS -vs- BASH commands

> a sheet that would give me the rough equivalent linux to DOS command

Try installing the 'mtools' package.
It basically installs MS-DOS named commands that work similar
to their DOS counterparts under Linux.

For some, it's as simple as an alias (e.g. ls => dir).
For others, there's line endings and crud to worry about. (e.g. cp => copy)
The usual conversion are there, so DOS users can feel at ease.

ls => dir
cp => copy
mkdir => mkdir or md
rmdir => rmdir or rd
rm => del

However, batch (.BAT) and command (.CMD) files will break horribly due to 
the horrible command.com and subsequent cmd.com syntax and inconsistent 
and undocumented quoting "features". But that's another rant.

If you really want to do that, just use WINE or Win4Lin.



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